minutia press.
Minutia Press?

Though responses to my web log have not been forthcoming, I anticipate the question of the origins of the name of this blog. Although I will try my best to hide this fact henceforth, I am an academic; or, at least I find myself currently in academic position in the guise of a Professor of Computer Science (and Engineering it seems). We academicians are supposed to publish or perish, but there is incontrovertible evidence that even those who do publish manage to perish eventually. There are some exceptions, and I intend to post about those who perish and still manage to publish---a neat feat if you can do it.

Long ago, when I had more free time (that is to say, before I became a professor), I read books. In my seminal post, I gave the hint concerning Eco's book Foucault's Pendulum. Therein one finds mention of two academic presses. One press is for interesting articles of scholarly merit. The other press is for authors who have trouble publishing their work. You guessed it, the name of the lesser press is "Minutia Press". For a fee, any author can publish in Minutia Press. The resulting journals and books, which do not sell, are then sold back to the author so the author can avoid the embarassment of having his or her works junked by the publisher.

I pick this name more as a joke on myself than as any kind of evaluation of blogging in general. Having watched various parties blog with success (and I intend to link them at the top of this page once I figure out how to do that), I find there are several genres of bloggers:

  • Those who pour out their hearts as they thrive and suffer through the ways of our world
  • Those who pour out the lesser organs---pancreas, liver, whatever needs purging---as they mostly suffer through the ways of our world
  • Those who offer amusing and inciteful commentary on the ways of our world

What form this humble blog shall take I do not know, but some linear combination of the above would not be out of the question.